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By WatchmanSowsSeed1

The Western Survivalist  is about surviving and this includes biblical values, western values, the outdoors, gardens, home remedies, pioneer life, and purposing yourself and your family to survive. For many the words Western Survivalist may bring varied pictures to mind, like the old cowboy on his horse on the prairie, the sheepherder tending his flock at the base of the mountains, or the homesteader who works dawn to dusk to just survive.

The picture on the left is some wild asparagus my wife and I picked down by the river. It was a little early for it all to be up, but we went to check on it anyway. We had found the place last year and made it a point to go back. Most of the Asparagus was not up yet, but we did find some. The brown grasses and other weeds were alongside the river and this made it hard to detect the Asparagus flags as I call them. These are the identity of the bushes themselves and once you know what to look for, they stick out as flags among a sea of brown. In about two hours of hunting we managed to find 8 oz of Fresh wild Asparagus. We plucked that. We found many not up yet, others too small, and what we did find that were ripe, we captured. This is what I call Western Garden Survival in action. It has many aspects and that one is finding the source, guarding it, and tending it. Then at the right time harvesting what you have found. It is about independence, survival, and being able to ID food out in the bush. Now we are not experts, but many years ago we started to gather wild asparagus.

Western Gardens means that “Gardening isn’t just planting and watering. It’s fresh air. It’s exercise. It’s an expression of yourself.”2

One of the key avenues to survival Western style is to know what is edible. Of course most know of dandelions, various berries, and such. But to know these things you really need an expert to show you personally.  One place you can find such Western Garden edibles that you can use for survival is the Western Garden book of Edibles found here!2 I have numerous books and such on these things, but nothing can take place of a local expert. If I do find something I do not recognize, I take a snip of it to our local experts that do the gardening in this area.

One of the great things about online sources is that you can find almost anything you need. It is a great source in Western Garden Survival. After all, are you going to trust the government to provide food and shelter for you once it all goes down? No, I don’t think so! Online sources can educate you in those things you need help on.  At least in these parts, we are independent enough to know what it takes to survive. After camping, hunting, hiking, and fishing all my life in the most renowned mountains in America, i.e. the Rockies, the Big Horns, and the Pentacles above Dubois are all among my past stomping grounds. I do know how to make a camp, make a fire, find water, and make shelter, plus do in twenty below zero weather high in the mountains.

One of the major things I do when working the Western Garden is finding room to plant. I do not have my grandfather’s ranch, nor my gramp’s farm here locally anymore. I have limited space so container gardens are an excellent way to find your own unique path to this niche of gardening.  One website with container gardening resources is found here. 

Gardening to live, or at least to not go hungry, or “Survival gardening”, is something few people in the modern western world would ever contemplate!4

Further to define Western Garden Survival I also point out that Survival Gardening as mentioned here refers to what our Pioneer grandparents had done all their lives. They simply grew, raised, butchered, canned, worked dawn to dusk, and never gave up in order to live and to make it from one day to the next. Or as a Survival site says:

First of all what is survival? It is quite simply what we’ve all been doing since we were born.  We provide for ourselves shelter, fire, water, medical, food, and social life, these are the foundation of our existence.  Without these core principals, our very existence is at risk.5

Don’t miss any of our posts, info, and stories that we bring to life on our Western Garden Survival site.

The Western Survivalist does the Apocalypse with pioneering, survival, remedies, faith, western values, outdoors, gardens, and much more. Join us as we serve up a healthy serving of the Old Tyme Pioneer spirit with faith, gardens, western values, and purposing ourselves in survival, finding remedies for what ails us.



1Western Garden Survival; By Dana G Smith i.e. ‘WatchmanSowsSeed’,

Western Garden Survival does the Apocalypse with pioneering, survival, remedies, faith, western values, outdoors, gardens, and much more. Join us as we serve up a healthy serving of the Old tyme Pioneer spirit with faith, gardens, western values, and purposing ourselves in survival, finding remedies for what ails us.

Keywords: Western Garden, Pioneer, faith, Western, survival, gardens,

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